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5NINES’ Wi5 Insights Kits tell you:

  • How many people visited
  • How long visitors stayed
  • How engaged visitors were

5NINES Presents the Future of
Event Marketing Analytics

Use Location Analytics to Measure Marketing Effectiveness

Analytics for the Physical World

You use Google Analytics every day to measure your digital marketing effectiveness. 5NINES provides you these same web-like analytics and insights for your physical space (events or locations) to measure your overall marketing effectiveness.

1. How many attendees were at my event?

2. How long did attendees stay at my event?

3. How engaged were my attendees?

4. When did attendees visit my event location?

Example report visual

Event Kit contents: user manual, adapter, one internet hotspot, and one or more 5NINES Sensors, used to measure your booth or other event footprint (e.g. breakout session).

The 5NINES Event Kit

  • Low cost — Event Kits start at just $300, and can be re-used as many times as you’d like.
  • Simple – you can be set up and collecting data in less than five minutes.
  • No IT support is required.

Use our Event Management Portal to set up your events and receive reports that will enable you to:

  • Compare booth and event performance
  • Perform A/B tests on Calls to Action for higher conversion & lead capture
  • Measure Brand Manager Effectiveness
  • Obtain results within 24 hours of your event to modify your marketing in real-time.

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